Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blood of Union

I have recently completed the album work: Blood of Union.

Blood of Union features contributions from musicians from the bands of Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Laurie Anderson, and Leonard Cohen, as well from members of the Philip Glass Ensemble.

Recorded over a three year period, the project utilized an aleatory process, whereby my texts and vocals were sent to musicians in various countries to use as a catalyst and point of departure for their own imaginings. The vocal material was used as a carrier for the intellectual, emotional, psychological, and psychic matter of the work. It was also a way of teleporting my nervous system across cyberspace, so that the nervous systems of the musicians could meet and fuse with my own. Each musician heard the same point of reference, the vocals, but, none of the musicians heard what any of the other musicians were composing. In this way, the portal of chance was open to allow the magic to manifest in the work.

Another methodology I employed on the album was the use of V-A Synthesis (Visual-Aural Synthesis). I used a specially written computer program to interpret the information in an image as a form of visual score. The program read the visual data and translated it into a series of values, which were then applied to the sonic material, color to stereo position, height to frequency, brightness to amplitude, etc. This radically altered the structure and nature of the sounds themselves and gave rise to startling and wonderful results.

Cover art for the album has been provided by filmmaker and artist David Lynch.

You can hear compositions from the Blood of Union album here: